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EBay fined again for selling fake Louis Vuitton goods online
Click for More

Custo Barcelona Nominated

Custo Barcelona Perfume Nominated for the 20th Italian Accademia del Profumo International Award.It is the only Spanish perfume among finalists More

Bruno Queyrel Joined Perfume Expo America Board of Directors

"He is an outstanding individual who will further PXA’s objective of creating a world-class board,” said Bernard Pommier PXA chairman and chief executive officer. More

Avon hires Courteney
award-winning actress Courteney Cox to be the exclusive spokeswoman for Avon's new women's fragrance,Spotlight. Avon wanted to capture the growing excitement of the world's fascination with celebrity and notions of fame. More

U.S Launch of Emeshel Takes the Scent of Seduction to a new level of Artful Eroticism
Miami. Renowned European designer in luxury "objets d'art" introduces a premium line of men and women fragrances -- sensually inspired by ancient Arabian virility.More

Elizabeth Arden names Essence Corp. its
agent in Caribbean and Mexico TR

Miami-based Perfume Distributor company Essence Corp. has been appointed by the Americas DMTR Division of Elizabeth Arden International as its agent in the Caribbean and Mexico Travel Retail markets. More...

Zirh to launch Warrior Collection
Zirh Skin Nutrition is set to unveil its newest product line, the Warrior Collection, this September at grooming counters worldwide. This collection of shower gels is inspired by some of the greatest ancient warriors and definitive leaders in history. . More...

Tamara Mellon, The shoe guru comes to rescue the"Head over heels" iconic perfume and cosmetic company.
Tamara Mellon the Latest addition to the Revlon board of directors was born in London and began her career at Phyllis Walters Public Relations, Mirabella, and followed as accessories editor for British Vogue in 1990. More...

The perfume industry in crisis, but not for everyone!
Up to few decades ago perfume was  considered extraordinary, and perfume products were an expensive rarity. Their fragrances were sophisticated their packaging were aesthetically rich and complex.  Nowadays any actor, singer,even cartoon character has had a perfume added to their license portfolio. More...

New dynamic For Caron perfume house Pour Un Homme 2008 viril ad campaign featuring the rugby star Sebastien Chabal will certainly appeal to female perfume purchasers. More

Now Smell Young! If you cannot prevent it? Disguise it! For ever the cosmetic industry has tried to conceal and prevent aging but now its sister the perfume industry come to the rescue making you smell younger with the ageless perfume! More...

The eighteen month rumor about CVS Caremark Corp .drug store chain operator to open a stand alone perfume & beauty chain store called "Beauty 360" has been confirmed last week by CVS spokeswoman Eileen Howard Dunn . By the end of the year they will have pilot perfume stores on the East and West coast next to existing CVS stores.

Rocawear, the first perfume. Elizabeth Arden hopes to bring added urban appeal to department stores this September with 9IX Rocawear, the first fragrance to be launched under its Rocawear license.More

A New Makeup: Bloomingdale's to Open Space NK perfume Shops
After Sephora and Jcpenney, Bloomingdale’s has signed an exclusive deal to open in-store perfume shops with British high-end apothecary Space NK.

PUIG USA and Antonio Banderas Seductive Perfume
Launch BLUE Seduction for women. NEW YORK -- PUIG USA announced the launch of BLUE SEDUCTION for WOMEN, a perfume by Antonio Banderas More

Johnson & Johnson buys Beijing Dabao Cosmetics Co.
NY - Perfume and Health-care products giant Johnson & Johnson  has bought one of China's best-known perfume and cosmetics companies, a move that will expand J&J's line of skin-care products on the Chinese market. Johnson & Johnson China Investment Co. Ltd. acquired Beijing Dabao Cosmetics Co. Ltd., which was about 83 percent owned by the Chinese government and 17 percent owned by company employees, from Beijing Sanlu Factory and the employees' group, Beijing Dabao Co. Ltd. Staff Shareholding Committee..

Beyonce Sued By Abercrombie & Fitch Over New Perfume

R&B megastar Beyonce Knowles is being sued by clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch over her new scent.

Personal Care Products Council

2009 Annual Meeting to be held on February 24th -27th at the Boca Raton Resort & Club. More

Custo Barcelona launches its first fragrance
Spanish designer Custo Dalmau has just launched the first fragrance of the brand in Spain. Created by IDESA PARFUMS, a perfumery and cosmetics company based in Barcelona, the new fragrance for women is available in Spain, Italy, Germany and Austria. The international roll out will start in the beginning of 2009. More

 FAITH HILL.- Grammy Award Winner to Debut Signature Fragrance
Coty Inc., a leader in the global beauty industry and the world’s largest fragrance company, announced today the signing of the five-time Grammy Award winning, world-renowned recording artist Faith Hill to develop and market her own debut fragrance. More

For men and women who have been searching for a complete range of travel cosmetic care,
Vuarnet Travel Care has imagined and created a complete range of compact products, essential for any traveller.
From handbag to bag-pack, or as cabin-luggage..

Perfume Review:BOND GIRL 007
Avon is going to introduce a signature perfume called "Bond Girl 007." British actress Gemma Arterton, who stars in the upcoming Bond film 'Quantum of Solace', will be the face of the new perfume....More

Perfume Review:Zirh Holdings LLC, introduces ZIRH IKON “With the launch of IKON, Zirh intends to establish itself as a credible player worldwide in the prestige level perfume arena.More

1 Million was inspired by Rabanne's metallic fashions, and in particular a 1967 dressworn by singer Françoise Hardy. ...More

Perfume Review: Guerlain le parfum de “l’homme”
Guerlain renew with masculinity , “ L’homme” the new Guerlain perfume for men unveil the animal in today’s men. The urban is dead, long live George of the Jungle!....More

Does Polman will turn business around for Unilever?
Anglo-Dutch Perfume and food giant Unilever has appointed a new CEO, Paul Polman, to take the place of Patrick Cescau.
Unilever’s share price fell significantly in July after the company announced disappointing results for the first six months of the year, after it was impacted heavily by rising costs that had to be passed on to consumers. Polman has a 26-year career at Procter & Gamble behind him, where he had risen to head up the group’s European business. Procter & Gamble is Unilever’s biggest rival in the consumer goods segment.More

Launches its 2009 registration website with new perfume features and utilities to make perfume industry exhibitors and visitors day to day business easier. The new communication tools are user friendly, and theres tons of new information.More

Perfume review: 10 years after the successful launch of Declaration for man Cartier launch Roadster Fragrance For Men. .More

Gisele Bundchen new MAX Factor spokeswoman Perfume giant Procter & Gamble’s MAX Factor Cosmetics is celebrating 100 years of beauty with the signing of supermodel Gisele Bundchen as its newest spokeswoman.

Screen siren Eva Mendes' saucy new advert for perfume purveyor Calvin Klein has been banned, after it was deemed too racy for US television.

Azzaro distils The perfume of Porsche Design.
German luxury brand Porsche Design will enter the selective perfume arena later this year, in partnership with Clarins Group-owned Parfums Azzaro. More

Mediterranean perfume is released by Elizabeth Arden 
inspired by Catherine Zeta-Jones and her love of this captivating place , Mediterranean is a radiant perfume that transports you to blue seas and skies. "I love Mediterranean, it is an uninhibited perfume … one to splash on when you’re not feeling shy" says Catherine Zeta-Jones.


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Agustin Davila @ PXA





















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