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Fragrance Foundation Reference Guide, 21st Edition
  The Fragrance Foundation has announced the publication of the 21st edition of the Reference Guide, the industry's most valued fragrance identification source.
Fragrances of the World 2000
  Author: Michael Edwards
  Michael Edwards, author of the highly acclaimed Perfume Legends: French Feminine Fragrances, will shortly release the world's most up-to-date and comprehensive fragrance guide.
Fabulous Fragrances
  Author: Jan Moran
  Author Jan Moran takes the reader on a journey to learn about perfume: the history, the people, choosing a perfume, what perfume famous women wear, as well as tips on shopping and traveling...
  Author: Patrick Suskind
  Patrick Suskind’s international bestseller has received acclaim all over the world. The tale of an insane genius who turns his own lack of smell into destruction...
Fragrance – The Psychology and Biology of Perfume
  Author: S. Van Toller & G. H. Dodd
  This book explores the scientific side of perfumery. Included are studies which are backed by evidence gathered through olfaction research...
Commercial Perfume Bottles
  Author: Jacqueline Y. Jones-North
  This book, containing information on hundreds of bottles, is a must for any collector of perfume bottles, from the hobbyist, to the veteran collector....
The Perfume Handbook
  Author: Nigel Groom
  The encyclopedia of the perfumery industry, this book explains everything one needs to know to understand the history, the creation, and the uses of perfume...
Miniature Perfume Bottles
  Author: Glinda Bowman
  With the explosion of miniature bottle collecting in recent years, this book has become a must-have. With detailed information on hundreds of mini’s, as well as histories behind them, any collector will benefit...
The Art of Perfume: Discovering and Collecting Perfume Bottles
  Author: Christie Mayer Lefkowith
  A beautifully illustrated book of thousands of perfume bottles, along with histories and biographies of the leading players in the industry make this book perfect for collectors...
Compendium of Olfactory Research
  Author: Avery N. Gilbert
  Published by the Olfactory Research Fund, this book is a collection of studies done over the past ten years on how fragrance affects our daily lives through a variety of different methods...
Perfume Legends
  Author: Michael Edwards
  This book gives the reader insight into how many of the famous French perfumes were actually created. The author used interviews as well as five years of research to compile the fascinating stories of the perfumes...
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils
  Author: Julia Lawless
  Sentence This book, with detailed information on hundreds of commonly used essential oils is a must-have for your reference collection...
Perfumery Practice and Principles
  Author: Robert R. Calkin
  This book takes a detailed look at the physical, chemical and psychophysical underpinnings of perfume development, and contains an in-depth analysis of the structure of some of the world’s greatest perfumes...
How Do I Look?
  Author: Gale Hayman
  Let beauty expert Gale Hayman help you with her book. With tips on makeup, fragrance and grooming, this book has it all...
Baccarat – Les Flacons A Parfum
  This book is a history of the famous Baccarat Crystalworks. It takes you from the beginning, in the early 19th century, right up to the present...
Chemistry of Fragrant Substances
  Author: Paul Jose Teisseire
  This unique reference features over 1,400 schemes and formulas, providing a timely and complete overview of the chemistry of fragrant substances...
Perfume Presentation
  Author: Ken Leach
  This book documents and identifies over one hundred years of commercial perfume bottle designs...
The Psychological Basis of Perfumery
  Author: Paul Jellinek
  This collection of essays by experts in the industry provides an novel insight into the world of perfumes...
A Collector’s Handbook of Miniature Perfume Bottles
  Author: Jeri Lyn Ringblum
  This portable collector’s guide will help consumers differentiate between the valuable and the worthless...
The Ancient and Healing Art of Aromatherapy
  Author: Clare Hill
  This book delves into the long history of aromatherapy, and then defines the properties of some of the most popular essential oils...
The Book of Perfume
  Author: Elisabeth Barillé and Catherine Laroze
  This comprehensive book has information on everything relating to perfume: history, the people, the image, marketing, and much more...
Guy Bégin – The Painter of Perfumesv
  Author: Phyllis C. Yaffe
  Experience the work of Guy Bégin’s for yourself, complete with a biography written in both French and English...
Secrets of Aromatic Jewelry
  Author: Annette Green and Linda Dyett
  A first of its kind, this beautifully illustrated four-color book traces the history of jewelry designed to hold fragrance – worn by both men and women across the ages...
Aging Well With Your Sense of Smell
  “Aging Well with your Sense of Smell,” published by the Olfactory Research Fund, is a handbook for baby boomers..
The Fragrance Foundation Reference Guide 1999
  This twentieth edition of The Fragrance Foundation Reference Guide has been compiled to provide the most complete, up-to-date listing of fragrances available in America at the time of publication...
Book of Perfumery
  Author: Félix Cola
  The Book of Perfumery, a new edition of the famous work by Félix Cola originally published in 1930 is an intimate look into the world of fragrances...
The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy
  Author: Chrissie Wildwood
  Among the profusion of books on aromatherapy available today The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy is the first to explore the many aspects of this multi-faceted healing art in a single, up-to-date, highly illustrated volume...
  Author: Vivian Lunny
  Aromatherapy by Vivian Lunny M.D., in association with The Institute for Complementary Medicine, is a comprehensive guide to organic aromatic substances for use in home remedies and natural healing, for relaxation and stress reduction, and for beauty care...
The World Of Perfume
  Author: Fabienne Pavia
  The World of Perfume traces the evolution of perfume throughout history and takes an unprecedented look at fragrance in all its incarnations, from its use as a cure for the plague in the Middle Ages to the multi-billion dollar industry that it represents today...
H&R Fragrance Guide / Duftatlas / Atlas Olfactif
  Author: Fragrances on the International Market
  The new updated edition takes you on a guided tour of the fragrance landscape of feminine and masculine perfumes currently available on the international market...
Guide International De La Beauté
  Author: Adriane Ancelin-Jallot
  This book provides the most extensive listing of all the companies in the beauty Industry with all their suppliers...
Flower Oils and Floral Compounds in Perfumery
  Author: Danute Pajaujis Anonis
  Based on a series of published articles from various U.S. and British professional magazines over a period of 30 years, the formulation of floral compounds and perfumes are reviewed in this valuable reference book...
International Cosmetic Handbook and Dictionary
  This eighth edition now contains more than 10,000 monographs of INCI labeling names, an increase of more than 1,250 since the last edition...
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