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Welcome to the most comprehensive Perfume Products
search tool in the world.

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Welcome to Alexander's List

This section gives you access to the full list of perfume products sold in the United States and around the globe. It contains information such as prices, references and suppliers, making it an essential tool for retailers. The list also now links with Industry Contacts to provide a truly amazing interface.

How to use Alexander's List

Alexander's List is truly very simple to use. At any time, you can select Complete Brand List for a list of all the brands in the fragrance industry listed alphabetically. You can also select Complete Distributor List for a complete list of every distributor.

The following describes how to access the information for a more specific search:

For a Keyword search:

Type a keyword into one of the Keyword fields and click the "go" button directly adjacent to the keyword you entered. A list of all the results will appear on one or more pages. You can then navigate through the pages until you find the result you were searching for.

All search results are returned alphabetically. Remember that numbers come before letters.

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