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Virtue Ltd.


Established in 1997, Virtue is a leading developer of 3D graphic optimization software technologies for the PC and Internet markets. Virtue's unique and proprietary technologies were designed to solve the two major obstacles to manipulating complex 3D content in networked environments: transmission and rendering. Virtue's technologies and solutions enable network-based 3D graphics applications to operate even over minimal network bandwidth with limited computing power. Virtue's goal is to become the world's leading provider of innovative network-based 3D graphics-enabling technologies.

Virtue Ltd.
3 Ha Tenufa Street
P.O. Box 199
Tirat Carmel 30200

Contact : Eyal Zagagi
Tel : (972)-4-857-3958 Ext :105
Email : ezagagi@virtue3d.com
Web Site : www.virtue3d.com


Virtue Ltd
NPD Beauty Trends
Anything Marketing

NPD Beauty Trends

Since 1953, NPD has been helping companies build their businesses by providing a foundation of knowledge on consumer purchasing and behavior on which they can develop more effective marketing strategies.
NPD offers businesses a full spectrum of marketing information options - from industry tracking to custom solutions, on the Internet and around the world. With more than 700 major corporations looking to us for the knowledge they need to make better business decisions, we know that we must remain focused in our search for smarter solutions. After all, our goal isn't just keeping pace with our clients, but playing an integral part in their success.

The NPD Group, Inc.
900 West Shore Road
Port Washington, NY 11050 USA

Contact : Timra Carlson
Phone : (516)625-0700
Fax : (516)625-2347
email : timra_carlson@npd.com
Web Site : www.npd.com

Anything Marketing.Com, Inc.

Anything Marketing. Com Web Hosting Employs the Latest Technologies. Whether you are a large corporation, small business, or just starting out, Anything Marketing.Com has a plan to meet your needs. Every web site resides on a high speed, multi-processor server that is linked directly to the Internet backbone over redundant T3 (45mbps) connections. Each account includes powerful e-commerce tools such as a commercial shopping cart system, SQL database server access, and Secure Server Access (for encrypted transactions). To ensure your site has room to grow, Anything Marketing.Com also offers an industry leading 100MB of disk space, and 5,000MB of data transfer.

Anything Marketing Sevices, Inc.
email : Sales@anythingmarketing.com
Web Site : www.AnythingMarketing.com


Following Perfume2000.com's lead, the new portal eliminates the confusion of the Internet and will be an essential tool for professionals in all aspects of the beauty and personal care industry.
Beautynavigator.com will link industry professionals with the thousands of websites related to beauty and personal care. Each area of the industry is well represented and categorized in an easy to follow manner.
The main categories are Brands & Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers, Suppliers, Trade Organizations, Media & Press, and E-Commerce Sites. Each category is further divided into sub-categories. For example, in the supplier category, you have Cosmetic Creation, Perfume Creation, Design, Packagers, Raw Materials, Subcontractors, Consulting, and Communication.
The custom-designed search engine delivers the desired results by searching only sites that are relevant, rather than the entire Internet.

Beauty Navigator Inc..
email : info@Beautynavigator.com
Web Site : www.BeautyNavigator.com


Nathalie Publishing Corp., creators of the beauty industry mega-site, Perfume2000.com and the premier industry-specific Browser BeautyNavigator.com, is proud to announce the opening of Beautyportal.net, the global Market-Site for the Beauty Industry.

email : bernard@beautyportal.net
Web Site : www.BeautyPortal.net

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