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Army of perfume sprayers descend on holiday shoppers

The Washington Post

WASHINGTON -- Like the jingle of the Salvation Army collectors and the thrum of Muzak carols, the spritz of perfume sprayers is abroad in the land. A little Giorgio? A splash of Shalimar? A snoutful of Opium, perhaps?

"No!" retorts a shopper at the Hecht's, a department store in downtown D.C. It is peak shopping time, the hours between noon and 2 p.m., when busy downtown workers are hustling through the rows and racks of beckoning merchandise. Shoppers are still choosy at this point in December, pausing to consider and reflect. A gift boxed set? Plaid or striped? By Dec. 24, the desperadoes will take their places, waving credit cards and willing to buy almost anything as long as it can be wrapped and returned.

The perfume sprayers -- that would be "fragrance models" or "promotional assistants" to you -- line the aisles like flight attendants at the start of a trip, smiling and eager to introduce you to the nuances of their particular scent. Where normally there would be one or two promotional assistants, now there are nine.

Floral. Musky. Vanilla. The scents waft around and into each other like invisible paper airplanes.

"We're not supposed to stand too close to each other," says Brenda LeCompt, laughing and nodding at her friend Joyce Wall. LeCompt has Pleasures by Estee Lauder, and Wall is offering Paul Sebastian. Wall, a military wife who has done this seasonal work for five years, moves farther down the aisle.

"I never spray unless they agree," says LeCompt, "And only on the wrist. Sometimes they offer their neck, but I let them do it because I'm afraid of getting their eye."

Oscar? Adrienne Vittadini? Chanel? Please sniff. A spray on the wrist may woo you forever.

"This is fun work, but you have to have a thick skin," says LeCompt. "You get rejected all the time."

Fifteen people pass by her in 30 seconds. Nobody wants to whiff Pleasures, either for men or women, except a pair of young men who speak only Spanish. One holds out his palm for a spritz. He sniffs. His friend sniffs. With difficulty, one asks the price. Forty-five dollars! They look surprised.

"This is a tough time and a tough store," says Sherri LaReaux, a tall blond actress, writer and model who gets perfume modeling jobs through the Beaute Agency. "See those Chanel girls over there? They just stand there, and people see this row of us and think they're going to be assaulted. At least I can move around."

The average customer thinks there is only one kind of fragrance model. How wrong! The ones wearing Hecht's badges (like the "Chanel girls") work for the store and can use the cash registers. They get commissions. The ones with "visitor" or perfume company badges are independent contractors or agency hires, don't do any sales transactions and are generally paid a straight salary. Some -- like the Estee Lauder and Tommy Hilfiger teams -- have uniforms. Others are just supposed to look sharp.

Nor are they alike in their methodology. Some are bold and gregarious, some are quiet and smiling. And a lot of them don't really believe there is such a thing as an allergy to perfume. "People just say that to get away from us," says Jeanne Crow, dispensing sniffs of Oscar and Opium. But most fragrance models now hand out cards embedded with scent rather than spraying people -- unless they get permission.


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