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www.perfume2000.com is the world’s largest website dedicated to the beauty industry

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Your company’ promotion will executives from the following categories: Department stores, Specialty stores, Duty free stores, Airlines operators, Independant perfumeries, Concept stores, Pharmacies, Concept stores, Ferries and cruise lines, Drug stores, mass market chains and finally webstores and catalogs.
over 1000 unique visitors browse www.perfume2000.com daily. Including the companies mentioned above
 Additionally we reach consummers & companies within the following categories:
Advertising & Concept Agency
Bags Manufacturer
Blotters Manufacturer
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Caps Manufacturer
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Chemicals Supplies for Perfumery
Contract Manufacturer
Cosmetics Company
Decorative & Functional Papers & Boards Manufacturer
Perfume Wholesaler
Plastic & Glass Containers Wholesalers
Digital Coder
Displays & Advertising Material Distributor/Agent
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   Internet Distribution Agents
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Your press releases to the entire Beauty Industry world is literally a click away www.perfume2000.com offers you unique means of channel, create and or optimize your brand awareness.

Last month, over 20,000 unique visitors visited perfume2000.com so an average of 1000 person a day would have seen your banner or your articles if you had them placed there.

On the 1000 daily visitors 500 went to read the News. Again if you had placed your press release there it is a great chance they would have read it. Now for the Press release it is just the start of a long journey because after 10 years being the number one Internet source for the perfume and beauty industry (if you have any doubt about type perfume in www.Google.com search engine ) your press release will be picked up by most of the big Agencies like Reuters, AFP, Business wire and much more then you end up covering the whole industry and 100 of thousand of consumers.

Press release are included in our news on daily base free of charge for industry PR.

Call us! at 305-868-9383 ; if you prefer by e-mail to: ana@perfume2000.com

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry: sales@perfume2000.com



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